Stay in Bounds

This was a really interesting and fun project to work on. Stay in Bounds is a campaign to promote sportsmanship in kid’s athletics created by the NCAA Hall of Champions. The three posters here were adapted for print advertisements as well.

In developing the characters, They client decided to make them child-like, but stylized and fun, rather than more realistic and specific depictions of kids. They did some focus groups and there was a really good response to the combination of the cartoony characters with the very real depictions of scenarios that kids deal with in sports. I think the writing is very well done– sincere, but also funny. The idea of a little mascot that’s a piece of bubblegum, who himself is chewing gum and blowing a bubble was another character that got  a great reaction from kids. A nice bit of absurdity in a campaign that deals with serious issues.

The gallery below features the posters, and some of the characters that did, and didn’t, make it into the project.


Sketchbook Poem

Even if I had my druthers

I’d still have qualms.

The two go together

like bowls and alms.

Keep Evolving

This is a project that was commissioned by the online brokerage firm iShares. I was one of seven artists

commissioned to interpret the phrase “Keep Evolving”, with the final art blown up to

mural size and installed in Grand Central Station. I chose to go with a train, on account of the

location– an evolved locomotive that runs on sun and wind.


My painting of The Green Train (detail)


Installation view


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Bond Flow

This is a recent illustration for Plan Sponsor Magazine, art directed by SooJin Buzelli. The article is about the financial complexity of bond flow. The main necessity for the piece was to communicate a complicated system where everything is connected to everything else. 

Private Potholes

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Society of Illustrators 53

One of my illustrations for The Exquisite Corpse Adventure was selected to be included in the Society of Illustrator’s 53 – Advertising and Institutional Exhibit, as well as for publication in the annual.

The Exquisite Book

This amazing project was put together by Julia Rothman and Matt Lamothe. 100 Artists collaborated on this version of the exquisite corpse game. The book is divided up into thematic sections, with each artist responding to the work of a fellow corpse-er and creating a visual narrative. Each participant must carry over a horizon line or other feature of the connecting work. The book has some of my very favorite artists, including Esther Pearl Watson, Mel Kadel, Matt Leines, Melinda Beck, Julliette Borda, Jordin Isip, James Jean, Brian Cronin, Henrik Dresher, Jordan Crane, Travis Millard, and many many others. My contribution is below, titled Dog’s Revenge. More about the book here.

Stanford Medicine

Below are some illustrations I’ve done for Stanford Medicine, working with the fantastic designer and art director David Armario. The subjects are, from top to bottom: Good and bad proteins, working as a team to crack a code, contaminated water, and using wiki protocols in laboratories.